Possibilities Factory: Inspiring Youth-Led Community Change

The Possibilities Factory: Inspiring Youth-Led Community Change

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Here, camp founder and director, Pascha Griffiths, delights in the work of the inaugural Possibilities Factory campers, 2000! 

Pascha, a certified teacher, holds her M.S. in Television Production from Boston University, and is currently at Harvard's Graduate School of Education studying the cognitive science behind pFactory's  awesomeness factor!

This 9-square game was just one of several projects the 19 campers came up with to improve a school's playground and landscape.

Think making a 9-square is simple? Our campers had to research what was wanted in the area, get permissions, research the right kind of paint for asphalt, figure out how much paint of each color to get donated, measure out the space, set a plan for painting, then get it done in a short amount of time! 

Possibilities Factory empowers youth by packaging games, leadership, community service and video skills into a tested curriculum that equips educators to lead after-school programs, leadership classes, and camps. 

The Possibilities Factory:

  • is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

  • has led 20 versions of the program in camps, after-school, and intra-school programs.

  • provides teacher trainings so you can have the program at your school or after-school

  • partners with other non-profits, schools, community agencies, and community oriented religious groups. Past partners include: The Boys and Girls Club & an Intel Computer Club House, Campfire Girls, a YMCA, Community Rec Centers, Harlem-Dowling, TASC (The After School Corporation), Children for Children (now Generation ON), Vineyard Community Offerings, and Gately Community Center.

  • has had one of its projects, The Beloved Quilts Project (which makes & distributes quilts for those displaced by violence or poverty) branch off and become it's own continuous project.