Possibilities Factory: Inspiring Youth-Led Community Change

The Possibilities Factory: Inspiring Youth-Led Community Change

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Watch our Sneak-Peek of one of our Possibilities Factory Camps:

 Youth CAN make a difference!

The Possibilities Factory Camps & Programs are a place for teens to learn about their power and responsibility through making a difference in their community. The Possibilities Factory facilitators support the young leaders as they collaborate to achieve a team created, community-oriented goal. Through fun physical, mental, personal, and group challenges, the pFactory campers grow in leadership and teamwork as they tackle their community changing goal.  Participants learn basics of multi-media video production as they are the cast and crew of The Possibilities Factory Video Series.The Possibilities Factory integrates video production with real life teen triumph to inspire kids toward making a difference. 

The Possibilities Factory video series is a real-life program, made for tweens and teens about the challenges they face, and the triumphs youth leverage through The Possibilities Factory camps and other youth programs. The Possibilities Factory videos follow the actual events of a team as they face the challenges of creating and pulling off their community service projects. Additionally, the Possibilities Factory provides the viewers with inspiration and direction on how to emulate what they see in the videos and do it in their own communities.

Quotes from pFactory Campers: 

“I think the main thing about the Possibilities Factory is that it will help the world see that we teenagers are not the punks, gang members, drug dealers, and ignorant kids that they think we are; but as actual people who are capable of doing great things in our community.”
–Sarah, Age 13 

"pFactory is one of the few things teenagers have that asks them not to be selfish. Before attempting to 'find ourselves', we should be encouraged to find other people… pFactory has taught me to be confident, determined, grateful, compassionate and selfless. This organization helps teens and preteens in becoming positive influences in all areas of their lives. It teaches teens how to be polite to a check-out girl, to donate clothes to orphans with AIDS, and everything in between."

Tori, Age 17

“It’s a real good set up. I like how we’re helping the community and places around the world. It makes me feel like I’ve achieved something. Working with the video camera was one of my favorite parts. I felt like I was powerful. I felt like I had the energy right in my hands. The camp opened up friendships. It was a great experience.”
–Josiah, Age 15

“Possibilities Factory has a great way of doing good in the community. We raised a lot more than our goal with our bake sale to help kids in Japan after the Tsunami. I was the youngest on the team, but I still did a lot of the things that the rest of the team was doing. It was a fun way to help other people.”

Jake, Age 9

“I think this camp has helped me become a leader by giving me more confidence to stand up and say what I want to say. It’s also taught me little things that have given me confidence and given me more opportunities to be a leader.”
–Lauren, Age 15